Become An Expert In Auto-Diagnosis & Electrical Repairs In 6 Months

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN TRAINING PROGRAMME is the shortest yet most intensive auto-diagnosis training that certifies you as an expert when you graduate.

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This is for you if you are…

• Auto Mechanics & Electrician
• Technical School, Polytechnic and University Graduates
• Auto Mobile Companies
• Car Owner
• Driver or
• Individual
…and you are aged between 18  to 50 years, literate and able to operate Android phones.

These are possible reasons you're here:

1. You are curious and want to see what this is all about.
2. You are tired of trials and errors and want to embrace technology and easier ways of troubleshooting and fixing cars.
3. You are interested in a proven system of diagnosing vehicle faults so you can repair modern cars with so much confidence.
4. You strongly believe you should upgrade your knowledge and stand out so you can attract premium customers that pay premium fees.
5. You are a driver or a car owner who wants to learn how to diagnose so you can repair your car by yourself, but you don’t want to undergo the obsolete 3-5 year apprenticeship.
6. You are a technical/engineering student or graduate who wants to learn what is required to be a successful technology-driven auto mechanic/electrician, so you can stand out in the industry.

If you fall anywhere between 2 and 6, this is for you.
Make sure you read to the end because I’d show you how to standout, work stress-free, and make more money as a CERTIFIED AUTO MECHANIC AND ELECTRICIAN.

But first...
What would it mean to you if you could troubleshoot, detect and diagnose vehicles' problems without touching anything on the car?

Would it mean…

– Saving time and energy?
– Saving cost on repairs?
– Attracting premium customers and charging premium fees?
– Reduced wear and tear of loosening car parts?
– Professionalism?
– Precision in detecting problems and forecasting the best solutions?

Imagine that a car was driven to your garage…

What most people do is to ask a few shallow questions, open the hood, check and check and check and check. And then maybe a road test and all. Then you are left to depend on your guts and know-how to detect and solve the problem, which many times are horridly and incorrectly done, causing more damages to the vehicle.

Scratch that. Not any more

This is what you should be doing now…

Sit with the owner and ask the RIGHT questions, plug your kit to access the car, detect the problems, prescribe the right solutions even without touching anything on the car parts or even road testing?

Which of these would you love to entrust your car to for repairs?

Definitely the second guy.

Don't Take Our Word For It.
Hear what others said...

"You don't have to depend on your guts, intelligence and know-how anymore. The era of trials and errors are gone... These are the days of precision and artificial intelligence."

Comprehensive Modules
Weeks of Intensive Training


Proficiency in car diagnosis and electrical repairs in just 6 months with guaranteed ASE standard training

This is an intensive on-site training program designed to meet the needs of persons who have very little experience with automobiles, but love to be proficient in fixing vehicular electrical, electronics and little mechanical-related problems.

The good news is that you can achieve this within a short compacted period of 6months.

After successful completion of this training, you will be able to start your own workshop or take the position of a technical service advisor, a mid-level technician who is capable of performing the most common workshop service operations.


The training is a two-module program:
– Module 1: 13 weeks of introduction to standard automobile workshop safety & practices, scanning, interpretations and using technical manual.
– Module 2: 13 weeks of electrical and electronics training with an introduction to Automotive Oscilloscope.
What is Automotive Oscilloscope?
It’s a very new way of graphing electrical components on vehicles. It’s an accurate means of diagnosis and makes solution easy. Where scanner fails, oscilloscope exposes the problem.

What you will get from this training:

1. Auto Diagnosis and repair training
2. Reading and interpretations of wiring diagrams and how to use Technical manuals to repair modern cars
3. Mid-level Electrical Diagnosis and repairs on modern cars
4. Introduction to latest method of diagnosis with Automotive Oscilloscope and different waveforms
5. Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle repairs
6. Introduction to AutoGas conversion and advantage

Other benefits include:

– Seasoned and on the job trainers of international standard
– Award of proficiency certificate at the successful completion of program module.
– Possible job placement for outstanding graduates
– FREE start-up AllData Technical manual (worth 50k).
– Dedicated for Training and Practices.
– Standalone Engine and gears also on ground for training.


26 weeks(full time), but with extra 4 weeks of practical for part-time candidates.
All trainings will take place at our garage in Samonda, Ibadan.

How To Participate


There are 2 modes of training… Full Time (FT) & Part Time (PT).
Full-time classes run from 8am-5pm
Part-time classes run from 3pm-6pm


Purchase the registration form at N5,000.

You can apply for a 40% (N2,000) DISCOUNT on the registration fee. To be eligible, drop your details by filling the form below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible through the details you drop (make sure you fill them correctly)

Modules & Pricing

Module 1

13 weeks of training (FT or PT)
  • Workshop safety and practices.
  • Breakdown of VIN/ Chassis numbers
  • Introduction to Automotive systems
  • Engine performance diagnosis
  • Understanding autodiagnosis systems (PBCU)
  • Breakdown of emission subsystems
  • On Board Diagnosis: history, features, Gen 1 & 2.
  • How the Automobile computers (Brainbox) work
  • Understanding and classification of trouble codes
  • How to use Automobile Workshop Technical manuals for step by step repairs of a car and code interpretations
  • Sensors and Actuators: features, types, location
  • Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles
  • Introduction to Autogas as an alternative file for automobiles

Module 2

13 weeks of training on Module 2 (FT or PT)
  • Introduction to Electrical systems of an automobile
  • How Electrical components work
  • Testing electrical components: sensors, actuators, batteries, motors, alternators
  • Electrical Diagnosis, analysis and Repairs
  • Reading and interpretations of electrical/ wiring diagrams
  • Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Introduction to automotive oscilloscope and and waveforms

Module 1 & 2 (Combined)

26 weeks of training on Module 1 & 2 (FT or PT)
  • Everything in Module 1 & 2
  • Save N50,000

Meet The Trainers

Engr Oyewumi Adeyeye

An alumnus Ladoke Akintola University of Technology where he bagged Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

His passion for Automobile Technology since his University days led him to undertake local and international trainings in practical Automotive diagnosis, electrical, oscilloscope, ECU repairs and HVAC.

He has worked as operations manager, workshop manager and training facilitators for standard workshops and telecommunications servicing companies.

He started Autotel Automotive Solutions (with his business partners Engrs Fatoki Oluwaseun and Adegbola Olubusayo) in year 2013.

He has led the company to train several individuals and organisation since year 2014. E.g. training of 6 officers and men of 2 Div Army workshop personnel (Ibadan) in Autodiagnosis and Repairs in year 2014, Automobile electricians/ mechanics, corps members, graduates and auto enthusiasts in Autotel Automotive Academy’s Automotive Technicians Training Program.

He has trained not less than 60 Technicians who are gainfully employed in various reputable workshops and some who already run their own workshop.

Adesina Kasumu

He is a Bsc Mathematics, University of Ibadan.

Automotive Trainee Attended:
Attended various international and local training and holds various certificates in different systems of both diesel and petrol powered automobile.

Currently attending advance training in hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Trainings facilitated:
Numerous one-on-one training of individuals that intend to fully understand how various systems of automobile (both modern diesel and petrol engine) work.

Group trainings consisting of more than 20 people of various background and automotive knowledge levels in more than two states of Nigeria. Currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria

Technology has made automobile repairs easier. All you have to do is embrace it and your life becomes stress-free."

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